About us

The School of Martial Arts “K-Style” is the first school in Kiev on musical forms of kickboxing, a modern vision of martial arts, demonstration performances, friendly atmosphere and an individual approach to everyone!
Directions of the school:
• Musical forms of kickboxing (hard and soft style)
• Endurance Training

Music forms or solo compositions are the kickboxing section that began to exist 14 years ago.

This sport is a demonstration show, with elements and blows from various martial arts, such as: kickboxing, wushu and taekwondo, with elements of acrobatics.

Solo compositions are spectacular demonstration performances that are divided into a soft and tough style and includes, in addition, possession of combat weapons.
Musical forms of kickboxing are divided into 2 styles:
– Hard style
– Soft style

Let’s figure out what this is and what’s different between them:

Hard style is different in that in the execution of the program the athlete uses certain movements (jerks, jumps, punches, combinations, tricks) corresponding more to the direction of kickboxing and tricking associated in one single program under the accompaniment of the tact of music.

At the same time, also, there is a difference between the kimono, the music and the weapon of the athlete in comparison with the soft style. Kimonos in this style, as a rule, choose from dense fabrics of dark tones.

Soft style fits more restrained and focused athletes who don’t like to perform with cries and fast music, but are more focused on the accuracy and smoothness of the lines, on exercises for balance and complex jumps inherent in the Wushu style.

The color and style of the kimono must correspond to the oriental culture, wushu style and inner vision of the athlete himself.

We can talk about this for a long time, but it’s better to come, try and feel each style on yourself!