About training

Do you want your child to grow up healthy, strong, develop motor skills and memory? Then you went to the right place! We are very serious about the safety and development of our students, so we provide an individual approach to everyone!

First stage
At the initial stages, the child prepares: coordinating exercises, general physical training, minimal acrobatics, simple ligaments of punches of hands and feet, team gaming minutes for relay races, games with a jump rope. A prerequisite for joining our school is to provide a certificate from the doctor about the health of the child.
Preparation for competitions

Only after the child has mastered the basics, we begin to gradually come to the stages of the decision of the program for performances at the competitions. We help each other in pairs learn new exercises that, in the end, will become one common whole (this helps to strengthen the team spirit and learn to help others).


We have everything you need to ensure that your child is active, find new friends and become part of one cohesive sports family that will assent him to conquering new and new peaks in the future!